Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thunderstorm on sunny days.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

As per Malaysia's weather lately, that is how I felt thoughout this week. Emotionally unstable. At times I feel like crying. No, most of the time actually.

I don't know what am I actually looking for. Deep down inside, I miss myself to be loved and pampered by that special someone (probably). But I just don't know how to start it all over again. I'm too scared if it doesn't work well to me. I admit that I still  live under the shadow of yesterdays. Too bad that it never got away. Even worst that I've been so comfortable with my life now as a single lady and not attached to anybody. 

"A: I got run on that morning. (Refering to the engagement of our friend in August)
M: Don't you have any other activities for yourself other than running? (Curious. I know she doesn't means that running isn't a good activity)
A: This is what I really wanted to do now. I don't have a date to watch movies whatsoever on my weekend. And this running thing filled my time so perfectly that I never regret to be addicted with. (Grinned)
M: Go and find one la woi
A: Heh. Let me think of it first. MALAS."

Yes, so lazy to find one. Heh. Really?

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