Monday, September 29, 2014

Catching breath, reaching stars.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

It feels so good to get myself woke up early in the run.
Back home early from work ...just to run.

So..what's with running? Why am I suddenly so into it?

I actually love running since I was in my primary school. My most favourite sport compared to all that I have participated and played (netball, handball, volleyball, hockey, futsal, badminton). The cheapest sport of all I must say where u only need a pair of shoes and comfy clothes to wear and yeah, you're ready for it. 

I might don't have a good record in running but it made me satisfied when I manage to finished it. To run with a 60+kg body and 155cm of height (BMI:Overweight!) is actually not easy. Imagine a 50kg woman running with a 10kg of sand bag. Why 50kg? Because...that is my ideal weight, supposedly with this height. Haha! That's how it feels. Muatan berat. -.-"

It wasn't because of glory. 
And of course it wasn't because of the trend. 
I run because I wanted to.
It boost my energy and I felt healthy.
It makes me keep breathing.
It helps me to struggle (break the wall) - avoiding myself to be suffocated in difficulties.
It teaches me to never give up for whatever I'm doing and make it to the finishing line (goal).
It gave me hope that everyone can fulfil their dream with an effort and strong determination.

There's two movies that inspired me to run:

1. Run, Fatboy, Run. (2007)
Started to run from early in the morning, Dennis keeps running eventhough he got a sprained ankle, he also broke the wall he had build up in his mind as a sign that he could not make it to the end. But, the determination in him, combining with the past few bad events that has happened to him - he continues running and touches the finishing line when the sun already goes down. Truly motivates me to never give up in running! 

2. Sepi (2008)
After losing his wife in a car accident, Sufi has losing his direction. He felt breathless, he couldn't accept the fact that his wife has gone. He chose to run to keep breathing. To get the air, to have some space in him to forget of what had happened. Eventhough this wasn't sound inspired enough, Sepi is one of my favourite movie and somehow it gave me a little inspiration. I used to run whenever I'm having a hard time. It's very calming!

(sorry got no original photo, screenshot from my Instagram)

Personal best record: 15km 
Next target: 21km (half marathon).

It is a long way to go but heyy, the time will come for sure! And I...will keep running for the sake of my health and own satisfaction. In shaa Allah. :)

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