Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Starting all over again...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians!

As today is a very remarkable day to my country, I'm making it as one of mine too. ;)

Say hello to the new SecretEmotion!

A brand new blog shares the same name and the url of my old one.
As for my previous SecretEmotion, it is still exist as it is. BUT, I have changed the url and privated it for my own reading.
How could I possibly delete it? I really don't have the guts, really.

Instead of deleting the entries of the "same old stories", I've decided to create this.
Really save my time, seriously, as I don't have to go through of 790 entries and choose which of it to be deleted. Haha. I am brilliant, is it? :p

After almost 6 years it has been used, it is now time for it to rest.
And this, a starting of the new chapter of mine. :)

p/s: relieved! :)

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