Friday, December 26, 2014

The value of the friendship.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

For those who never know, I was once a TiKL student for a month or two (in 2005). One of the lucky girls to be in Mechanical class surrounded by 2:3 boys. Haha. -.-
I have forgot many of the faces of my dormmates and classmates in TiKL, but there's one, that always there, and will always be in my mind, Nur Nazihah...

To be precise...Almarhum Nur Nazihah...(Al-Fatihah)
Allahu...I only knew that she has passed away for 4 years already (24/02/1989 - 26/05/2010), just few minutes ago. I feel numb. I miss her so much! I don't know how to blame myself for never have the guts to ask regarding her whereabouts from my friend - her Korean batchmates. It's hard to swallow what have I just found out about her. :(
(The memories of her keep playing in my mind)
She's someone soft spoken, kind-hearted, a bright student and have that really pretty face I have never once erase from my memory. Even though I have changed my school, we were still contacting each other through Yahoo! Messenger (YM) whenever is school holiday. The most convenient way to have a long chat at that particular time. The connection has still goes on even after our SPM examination has ended and we both entered the university life. I'm in UKM while she got the offer to further her study abroad, in Korea.
As time goes by, I've been busy with my UKM's life, and I have rarely active in my YM and migrated to Gtalk or Skype. I noticed that she has not online for quite a long time (as she loves to be invisible as well) but I thought it was normal - She has a busy scheduled and I don't want to bother her. That's all. But it proves me wrong. I am in total speechless now knowing the fact that she has long gone. I know...Allah s.w.t. loves her more. She is precious for everyone else too. A good friend of everyone.
G-ha, I'm sorry for being such ignorant and didn't found out of what you've been through until your last breathe. For a very short period I would have known you, I always love you for being a good friend of mine and I really do miss you before, now and forever. May Allah s.w.t granted you with His rahmah and I will always pray for your peacefulness there. Aamiin ya rabbal alamin.

 p/s: I won't be that ignorant anymore. Love them while I still can and value them in every possible way I can do.

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