Tuesday, December 30, 2014

When you are meant to be together, no matter what happen, you will always found each other...by God's will.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

2014 can be concluded as the year of love as many of my friends were engaged and get hitched. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend all due to the distance and time constraint. So, let see what I got here for 2014. A bunch of wedding cards! Please note that I am a collector of these. So, I will never hesitate to ask for the wedding card whenever you invited me through Facebook. Anyway, thanks for all the invitation. Best wishes to all my friends and congratulations!

0902014:: SivarajahMohana :: Officemate
Unable to attend-Time Constraint

10022014 :: ShubhaSuresh Aru :: Officemate
Unable to attend-Distance

22032014 & 29032014 :: Fadhlizil IkhramNur Zarifah :: Kepochis/UiTM/UKM
Attended both receptions as bridesmaids/Maid of Honor

11052014 :: Dass VincentSanthiya Loshini :: Colleague
First Indian Wedding I've ever attended-wearing Punjabi suit

31052014 :: FatimahAsraf Hadzwan :: UiTM/UKM
Unable to attend-time constraint

13062014 :: GangadeviTharmaseelan :: Officemate
Attended and wearing a pink Anarkali.

29062014 :: NadarajahKartini :: Officemate
Unable to attend-first day of Terawikh.

08082014 :: Sity JuaeiriahHaikal :: SKSK
Attended just to meet the bride after 13 years!

09082014 :: HanisahAriff :: UiTM/UKM
Unable to attend-distance & time constraint.

09082014 :: Sharifah Safia WafaAudi :: MRSM Kuala Lipis
Attended-the first Balsam's homeroom member wedding

23082014 :: SaravananMalarvilee :: Officemate
Attended-wearing kurti.

30082014 : SyuhadaIbrahim :: MRSM Kuala Lipis
Attended-near to the office.

30082014 :: NabilahAzman ::UiTM
Unable to attend-distance&overlap with another 2 wedding nearer to home.

30082014 :: AnitaRidhwan :: SMKSK
Attended-near to home.

31082014 :: Nor AmiraNazirul :: UiTM/UKM
Attended-Kolej Pendeta Za'ba's lovebird.

01092014 & 14092014 :: Muhammad Afiq HatimSity Zairyn :: MRSM Kuala Lipis
Attended at the Groom side-the first highschool sweetheart.

13092014 :: Siti MeriamAriff :: MRSM Kuala Lipis/UKM/Officemate
Unable to attend-distance.

18102014 :: WaniAlief Emran :: MRSM Kuala Lipis
Unable to attend-time constraint.

26102014 :: Zamzuri SufyNadia :: SMKSK
 Unable to attend-time constraint.

25102014 & 01112014 :: ZulfadhliFazlina :: MRSM Kuala Lipis/UiTM
Attended to both of reception and be the maid of honor at the Groom side.

05112014 :: SaraswathyShanmuganathan :: Officemate's Daughter
Unable to attend-time constraint.

15112014 :: Nor SyaqinaKamal Nazmi :: SMKSK
Attended-most awaited wedding.

22112014 :: Nor AziemahMohd Rozairi :: MRSM Kuala Lipis
Unable to attend-distance and time constraint.

24112014 :: UmakandhanShanthi  :: Officemate
Unable to attend-distance & time constraint.

29112014 :: Nur SyahiraKhaleel Husaini :: Kepochis/UKM/UiTM
Attended as the Bridesmaids.

30112014 :: Nur Hafizul HusairiNurul Jannah :: MRSM Kuala Lipis
Unable to attend-distance & time constraint.

13122014 :: Nur Jannatul HudaHarfiz :: UKM
Unable to attend-distance.

27122014 ::Nazkhalida FatinuhaMuhammad Syahmi :: UiTM
Unable to attend-time constraint.

Told you I have a bunch of them. Haha. Fuhhh! @.@

Enough with the cards. Below are the list of wedding invitations that I got through Facebook. 
Okay. Am I getting old or what? Think I have to admit that the age of 24/25, is the best age to get married. Perhaps.

A great year of 2014 filled with wedding everywhere in Malaysia. I swear that every weekend there must be a wedding somewhere. Unlike few years back where you usually see many weddings only during a school holiday. 

Anyhow...the friend of mine...
Some of them/the wife has already deliver the baby, some is expecting and many more is still in the honeymooooon mood.

Wishing you all a happy marriage life filled with rahmah and barakah.
Can't wait to see all the babies of 2014. Haha. 

Hope my time will come soon. InshaaAllah.

P/s: Hectic.

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