Saturday, March 28, 2015

Frustration over satisfaction.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

Frustration at workplace.
I've been quite under-performed in my job lately. Unsatisfied with the arrangement. Hard to admit that for the past few months, I'm dragging my happy feet to work. My heart doesn't belong there anymore. The love that I've been pouring to grow has started to fade and most likely become hatred. It's getting worse each and everyday.

But I forgot.
This place has taught me millions of experience. I've grew well with the guidance of the best superior(s) I had so far. 2 years however still aren't enough for me to sell myself in other places.

Until I read this article of the interview with Shazmi Ali in HumanResourcesOnline, he said, Don’t worry about your next job. Just give all that you have for your current job and  the next job will find you”. Then I realized, I've been looking in a way too far and I forgot of what I have now with me. Ignoring what is the best for me now,  and too obsessed to catch the uncertain future I've been dreamed of. 

I need to re-planted the love, seeding it with highly new spirit and hope. Dream big but always remember where I've started to become of who I am now. Refreshing it every day so that I won't forget. Every success started with pain. No pain means no gain. 

May I'll be strong to face tomorrow and the days after. In Shaa Allah, Aamiin. :)

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