Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Get the number?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

A: How old are you?

B: (grinned) 25. Still young and wild and free. Hehe. 

A: Oh, young at number but you doesn't look like one. Looks older than your actual age. (trying to provoke and smash me to the ground)

B: (smile) Well, appearance doesn't matter if you asked me. As long a I still have (inshaaAllah) plenty much time to achieve my goals and given the chance to do things I always wanted to do. Why should I bother if I looked like 30 or 40?

A: (long silent and not replying any)

You don't talk about people appearance where you don't know them so well. They don't ask God to make them looks matured than their actual age. In fact, for me it's an advantage for myself that I don't look stunning or pretty and older in front of others (especially male) as I feel so much safer. They don't stare at me and they don't make me feel insecure.

I have so many things in mind. I have my own life's goals that I currently chase one after another. I don't think much about my appearance - what to wear and whatnot. As long as it is comfortable, follow the syariah and cover my aurah - it's more than enough. 

Surrounded by mostly people above my age (skip my standard 4 back when in 2000), I realized that I've one step further to my maturity. So, bear it in mind. My face and my attitude will picture me as someone older. But my age is not. Don't be jealous that your someone 'older' is having her real good time being 'young'. :)

P/s: be nice to people. Can't you?

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