Friday, August 28, 2015

Roller coaster.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

A roller coaster.
To summarize on what I had last week.

A memorable night.
It was a wonderful dinner by the closest colleague to me. A special birthday treat that I never imagine to have on my 25th birthday. Although it has been delayed and postponed, but after all, it went so well. I just couldn't thank him enough for it. Surprise after surprise, thank you, yang. :)

Prepare for the worst.
She's against us. Though I've explained to her few times that we have nothing between us, she's still couldn't take it. She doesn't want to understand.

I've shielded my heart so perfectly that no one can break it so easily. It's so hard to accept a new person in my life. It seems impossible for me to fall again. It's so difficult to trust anyone. Why are they couldn't understand this? I know my heart. And I know what she wants. Can you please just let me do what I wanted to do now?

After 7 years, now it has been taken care by someone so dearly. A bestfriend, the closest colleague, whatever you may call it. He's one of the best man I've ever had besides my Kepochis. Thank you for being there for me. :)

P/s: a long way to go. 

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