Thursday, November 19, 2015

Streetstyle and boots.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

And so last night I've been in Nu Sentral to had dinner with my bestfriends. While waiting for them, I have walked floor by floor, looking for cupcakes actually (celebrating my bff's birthday) but still I keep my eyes on every people that passing me by. To look on how they dressed up and I, being me, always choose the simplest as I can. My sister has always complaining on me to change my appearance and look. To be more presentable and matured, she said. Haha. For now, at least, I have changed my usual footwear. From slippers, upgraded to sandals and now a flat/espadrilles! Quite an improvement right? :D However, whenever I went into shoes store or online shops, I've always look up on boots. They have always caught my eyes. But I have no idea on how to style it with my clothes, the way they looks good on others but not me. Hmmpphh! So here's some good information on boots to all the women out there.


Boots are seen to be one of the stylish footwear’s in the industry which gives women the sexy yet edgy appeal. The best thing about it is that women can still have the height they want and still rock a boyish charm to others. The boots definitely gives woman a boost of confidence easily as it has that spunky design to it that no one can ever resist on showing off. If you have no idea on how to pull off the women boots in style, check out these three streetstyle ways and own the look everywhere you go.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the perfect go-to bottom when you are heading out. The hugging fit makes you feel sexy and it can be worn all day without ever making you look out of style. For the ladies who want to give their casual skinny jeans a boost of spark can wear it with a nice pair of boots. It will definitely draw other people’s attention to your wonderful footwear. Choose stylish statement boots with fringe designs or embellishments to get that trendy casual appearance.

Some ladies who prefer to appear feminine and still have that edgy element can always match their cute dresses with a pair of ankle boots. Wear the classic black or brown boots for a balance appearance and walk out looking stunning as ever. One of the celebrities who have pulled on this sweet look in their early singing career is the famous country/pop singer Taylor Swift. You can always create your own touch to it which fits your own style.

Denim Shorts
You can always give a little spice to your denim shorts by switching those flip flops, sandals, flats and sneakers with boots instead. You may have a basic tee and short denim on but the boots absolutely give your casual outfit an edgy modern touch. 

Anyway, since am a Hijabist, of course I'd choose the first one which suits me more right? Haha. Probably one day. ;)

p/s: Thank you, Z. :)

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