Friday, July 31, 2015

Burden no more.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

It's getting better and better. And so much relieved after all.

Have put up all my strength to explained about everything.
It's not going any further, I'm sure. Am hoping that you'll understand it in a good way.
After a long consideration, I've made up my mind and have decided to step back.

I just need to.
It's not because of how difference we are from each other. But clearly my heart refuse to accept.
I'm sorry that it's too hard to accept after all that happens to me though it has been many, many years.
No, not now. 

I have never stop praying from the first day when I knew about it. Allah swt has shows me the way. I'm confused, and I am too scared, but He gave me so much calmness and space to think about it carefully. When I woke up that day after such a heavy discussion, I really feel nothing. I don't know how to react but it goes so smoothly, I am surprised. I have never stop believing. HE is the greatest planner of all.

To dear you whose heart is filled with so much love,
I love you like I love my forever best friends where I can't afford to lose them and you are too.
Though we might not meant to be together, you will always be one of the best friend I've always had.
Thank you for so the much care and kindness.

p/s: Happy birthday Turks! :)

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